Very Hungry Caterpillar cake and party food

We had an age-two party with food modelled after The Very Hungry Caterpillar, including a caterpillar cake:

very hungry caterpillar cake

(Chocolate chip sponge cut to shape covered with buttercream icing and chocolate buttons. Some kind of horrible candy sticks for legs.)

There were butterfly pizzas:

butterfly pizza

(Bought pizza dough covered with carefully arranged tomato, cheese and olives.)

an olive and tomato caterpillar, because savoury caterpillars are important:

olive and tomato caterpillar

(Slices of french bread toasted and covered with tomato and sliced olives.)

and a spread of cakes, including, of course, butterfly cakes and the famous strawberry chocolate cake, which is sadly unrelated to caterpillars:

party spread with butterfly cakes

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