Hot Air Balloon Cake

For an explorer birthday party, everyone made their passports when they arrived, and got stickers for the countries we visited for each game.

We had a hot air balloon cake:

Hot Air Balloon Cake

Here’s the basket, starring spaghetti for strings and raisin wheats for sandbags:

Hot Air Balloon Cake Basket

Notice the hand-woven icing blanket in the basket!

Hot Air Balloon Cake (top view)

Toadstool Fairy House Cake

For a 4th birthday party we made a Toadstool fairy house cake.

Toadstool fairy house cake

We baked two chocolate chip sponge cakes, cut two circles out of the first one to make the trunk, and painstakingly carved the other into the dome-shaped roof.

Toadstool fairy house cake with an entrance at the side

We stuck the icing onto the sides with some buttercream. The doors and windows are quite simple designs cut out of icing that just took a bit of concentration to do.

Toadstool fairy house cake with a fairy on top

The dots are icing circles stuck on top of the main piece, and the path is some scattered cake decorating stars. The fairy is a (non-edible) trinket/toy type thing.

Steam Train Birthday Cake

A cute train birthday cake for a train-mad boy:

steam train birthday cake

with a cute little blue engine:

train cake with a cute blue engine

The engine and carriages are chocolate chip sponge cake

a yellow carriage for the train cake

covered with pre-made icing mixed with lots of food colouring

a green coal truck for the train cake

and, of course, gold chocolate coins for cargo:

gold coins in the train cake

Pirate party with a treasure chest cake

For a four-year-old’s party we were pirates, and all pirates need a treasure chest cake:

treasure chest cake

(Two halves of a square chocolate chip sponge cake piled on top of each other for the base, and another piece of cake lovingly carved into a lid shape. The lid is held up by chocolate fingers, which are partly dug into the lid and base to keep them steady. It was easier than it looks to prop it open. The yellow stripes are ready-to-roll icing with lots of yellow food dye mixed in.)

and of course, there needs to be lots of treasure inside:

treasure inside the cake

(Chocolate coins, of course. They feature prominently in most of our cakes and parties.)

Three-shaped birthday cake

What better way to celebrate being three than a three-shaped chocolate and strawberry birthday cake?

number three cake with chocolate chips and strawberries on top

(A normal chocolate chip sponge cake cut into two curved pieces and joined together into a three. Lots of plans and templates were made on paper before we attempted this! On top of the cake is home-made chocolate buttercream icing and halved strawberries. The strawberries have chocolate stars and candles on them. The strawberries in the corners look posh but are actually just sliced from bottom to top, stopping before the top, and spread out in a slight spiral shape.)

Very Hungry Caterpillar cake and party food

We had an age-two party with food modelled after The Very Hungry Caterpillar, including a caterpillar cake:

very hungry caterpillar cake

(Chocolate chip sponge cut to shape covered with buttercream icing and chocolate buttons. Some kind of horrible candy sticks for legs.)

There were butterfly pizzas:

butterfly pizza

(Bought pizza dough covered with carefully arranged tomato, cheese and olives.)

an olive and tomato caterpillar, because savoury caterpillars are important:

olive and tomato caterpillar

(Slices of french bread toasted and covered with tomato and sliced olives.)

and a spread of cakes, including, of course, butterfly cakes and the famous strawberry chocolate cake, which is sadly unrelated to caterpillars:

party spread with butterfly cakes